Episode 0.1: Why Confessionalism?

Tune in to the newest (and very first) episode of The Jerusalem Chamber. In this week’s episode we set the stage for our round table discussion of the Westminster Confession of Faith. We discuss why a confession of faith is biblical and even inevitable! We also discuss some of the practical ways a confession helps churches—new and old.

For More Resources On Today’s Topic Check These Books Out:

Recovering the Reformed Confession by R.Scott Clark

The Practice of Confessional Subscription edited by David Hall

The Erosion of Calvinist Orthodoxy by Ian Hamilton

Welcome to a Reformed Church by Daniel Hyde

Christian Symbolics by E.H. Klotsche

Doctrinal Integrity by Samuel Miller

The Creedal Imperative by Carl Trueman

7 thoughts on “Episode 0.1: Why Confessionalism?

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  1. Samuel Rutherford on Confessions: “Fourthly, That no confessions ought to be but in express words of Scripture, shall free all men and consequently all Churches from obedience to that which Peter commands. 1 Pet. 3.15, ‘Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.’ When Stephen, Acts 7, and Paul, Acts 26, were accused of heresy and speaking against Moses and the temple, they made a confession of their faith not in words of Scripture, but in deductions and necessary consequences drawn from Scripture and applied to themselves, and those in Nehemiah’s time who wrote and sealed or subscribed a Covenant, did not write and seal the express, Decalogue and ten Commandments, nor the words of the Covenant of Grace, ‘I will be thy God and the God of thy seed’, but entered into a curse and into an oath to walk in God’s Law which was given by Moses the servant of God and to observe, and to do all the Commandments of the Lord our God and his judgments and his statutes and that (say they) we would not give our daughters to the people of the Land, not take their daughters for our sons, and if the people of the Land bring ware or victuals on the Sabbath day to sell, that we would not buy it of them and Nehemiah 10.29-34, &c. compared with Nehemiah 9.38. Which words are not a confession nor Covenant in express Scripture, save that they are historically inserted in the Cannon of the Scripture by the Holy Ghost.” (A Free Disputation Against Pretended Liberty of Conscience, pp. 29-30)

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  2. I Enjoyed the podcast very much. Thank y’all for taking the time to produce this, I am looking forward to listening to future ones.


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