Episode 3.3: Predestination and Foreordination

Is “predestination” a biblical vocabulary word? How do you help people understand this word? What is the difference between predestination and foreordination? Why does the Confession talk about angels? What comfort can believers have by this and what warning can be given to unbelievers? Is Kyle going to reveal his lapsarian position? These are some … More Episode 3.3: Predestination and Foreordination

Episode 3.2: What the Plan of God Is Not

Why is the decree of God not based on anything he has foreseen? What about other conditions? What is the Confession historically arguing against here? What do you do with those passages of Scripture that seem to indicate God reacts in response to his creatures? What is an “anthropopathism”? Can you guess Joel’s theologian? These … More Episode 3.2: What the Plan of God Is Not