Episode 20.4: Publishing Errors

Can you briefly distinguish between Christian liberty and liberty of conscience? Can you biblically demonstrate that God has ordained lawful authorities? Can you biblically clarify what the exercise of lawful ecclesiastical and civil power looks like? What is meant by “publishing” and “maintaining”? What’s the distinction between “light of nature” and “known Christian principles”? What … More Episode 20.4: Publishing Errors

Episode 20.3: Pretense of Christian Liberty

What’s the outline of this paragraph? What is “Christian liberty”? Why is the abuse of Christian liberty something we need to be very cautious of? How does one know if they’re misusing Christian liberty? What boundaries has God given to us? What is meant by “pretense of Christian liberty”? How do the following abuse Christian … More Episode 20.3: Pretense of Christian Liberty

Episode 20.2: The Liberty of Conscience

How do we see matters of conscience situated under the Kingship of Christ? How does false human authority mimic God’s authority? Can you clarify for us “doctrine” and “faith” in this paragraph? What about those who have been taught something and sincerely believe it to be biblical but are wrong? What is implicit faith? How … More Episode 20.2: The Liberty of Conscience