Episode 18.4: Assurance Shaken and Diminished

What does negligence of assurance look like and are there biblical examples? What is “special sin”? What does it look like when God withdraws his light? How is assurance revived? How is the Christian supported from “utter despair”? Tune in as Nathan, Shawn, Joel, and Kyle discuss WCF 18.4: True believers may have the assurance … More Episode 18.4: Assurance Shaken and Diminished

Episode 18.3: Difficulties and Conflicts

What is meant here by the words “infallible assurance”? Will you discuss how some people distinguish between the Westminster’s understanding of assurance and the Three Forms of Unity? Do you think the difficulty and conflict of full assurance is true to the experience of a “normal” Christian? What are some of the difficulties and conflicts … More Episode 18.3: Difficulties and Conflicts