The Westminster Confession of Faith by the Westminster Divines

The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly by Chad Van Dixhoorn (ed)

Reformed Confessions Harmonized by Joel Beeke and Sinclair Ferguson

Westminster Skeletons by David Murray

Commentaries and Expositions

Presbyterian Standards by Francis Beattie

To Glorify and Enjoy God by John Carson

Truth’s Victory Over Error by David Dickson

The Westminster Confession: A Commentary by A.A. Hodge

Theology of the Westminster Symbols by Edward D. Morris

The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Book by Joseph Pipa

The Reformed Faith by Robert Shaw

Faith of Our Fathers by Wayne Spear

Truths We Confess by R.C. Sproul

Confessing the Faith by Chad VanDixhoorn

A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson

The Westminster Confession of Faith For Study Classes by G.I. Williamson


Recovering the Reformed Confession by R.S. Clark

The Westminster Confession Into the 21st Century by J. Ligon Duncan (ed)

The Theology of the Westminster Standards by John Fekso

One Being Presbyterian by Sean Michael Lucas



Descriptions of the Westminster Assembly by Robert Baillie

The Everyday Work of the Westminster Assembly by S.W. Carruthers

History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines by William Hetherington

The Westminster Assembly: Reading its Theology in Historical Context by Robert Letham

“A History of the Westminster Assembly” by C. Matthew McMahon

“The Calling of the Westminster Assembly” by John Murray

Memoirs of the Westminster Divines by James Reid

“The Westminster Assembly of Divines” by William Symington

The Westminster Assembly and its Work by B.B. Warfield



The Discretionary Power of the Church by John L. Girardeau

The Practice of Confessional Subscription by David Hall (ed)

Christian Symbolics by E.H. Klotsche

“The Confession Church” by Joseph Pipa

The Creedal Imperative by Carl Trueman

“Why Christians Need Creeds” by Carl Trueman


Holy Scripture

An Examination of the Council of Trent by Martin Chemnitz

Disputations on Holy Scripture by William Whitaker

Taking God At His Word by Kevin DeYoung

Thy Word is Truth by E.J. Young

Thy Word is Still Truth ed Peter Lillback

From the Mouth of God by Sinclair Ferguson

The Final Word by O Palmer Robertson