Episode 23.2: The Christian Magistrate

What error is this paragraph seeking to oppose? What are qualifications for the civil magistrate? Can you define and biblically defend “maintaining piety,” “justice,” and “peace”? What defines “good” and “evil” in the context of Romans 13? How does “according to the wholesome laws of each commonwealth” come into the theonomy debate? If you had … More Episode 23.2: The Christian Magistrate

Episode 23.1: The God Ordained Civil Magistrate

Why is it good/necessary for a confession of “faith” to include a chapter on the civil government? How would you define God’s “lordship” and “kingship”? How does God exercise his lordship immediately? What does the word “ordained” mean here in this chapter? Do you think God has ordained all civil magistrates? What are the appointed … More Episode 23.1: The God Ordained Civil Magistrate