Episode 11.3: Christ’s Obedience and Satisfaction

Can you remind our listeners what “justification” is? What is our debt and why use this language? What was necessary to Christ’s removal of the debt? What are the attributes of Christ’s satisfaction? Where does the Old Testament testify to these things? How is it gracious that the Son was given by the Father? How … More Episode 11.3: Christ’s Obedience and Satisfaction

Episode 8.5: Obedience and Suffering

Can you explain the terms “active” and “passive” obedience? Can you historically explain the question(s) about the active obedience of Christ? Give some specific examples of Christ’s obedience. Why does the WCF connect Christ’s suffering to the justice of his Father? What does the WCF mean with the phrase “through the eternal Spirit”? How does … More Episode 8.5: Obedience and Suffering