Chapter 3 Q&A

This special episode is a Q&A of all things related to chapter three. Thanks for those who sent in questions. Tune in as we discuss: 1) Was Molinism and/or Middle Knowledge fairly represented in Episode 3.2? 2) What does it mean to “obey the gospel”? 3) Are your hosts supra or infralapsarian? 4) What approach … More Chapter 3 Q&A

Episode 3.8: Predestination’s Prudence and Care

In today’s episode, “Predestination’s Prudence and Care, or a Discussion on the Experiential Results of the Doctrine of Predestination by Which the Real and Tangible Blessings of this Doctrine for God’s People is Manifest Not in Meditation and Naval Gazing but in Our Piety and Worship,” we discuss questions like: what is doctrine? How and … More Episode 3.8: Predestination’s Prudence and Care

Episode 3.3: Predestination and Foreordination

Is “predestination” a biblical vocabulary word? How do you help people understand this word? What is the difference between predestination and foreordination? Why does the Confession talk about angels? What comfort can believers have by this and what warning can be given to unbelievers? Is Kyle going to reveal his lapsarian position? These are some … More Episode 3.3: Predestination and Foreordination