Episode 8.4: Humiliation and Exaltation

Why does the WCF incorporate significant details about the life of Jesus that are absent from the Apostles’ Creed? What does the Confession mean when it speaks of Christ estate of humiliation and exaltation? Why does the Confession say Christ “most willingly” undertook the office of Mediator? What’s the significance of suffering in body and … More Episode 8.4: Humiliation and Exaltation

Episode 8.3: The Perfection of the Mediator

In light of recent controversies what in this paragraph relates to the ontological and economic Trinity? How does this paragraph set forth Jesus as the New Adam? What is different about Jesus’ sanctification from ours? Where is the encouragement in this for us? Why did Jesus need to be holy, harmless, and undefiled? Hos is … More Episode 8.3: The Perfection of the Mediator