Episode 8.6: The Virtue and Efficacy of Christ’s Redemption

What are the differences between this paragraph and those found in chapter 7? What does the Confession mean by “communicated to the elect”? What is the virtue of redemption? What is the efficacy of redemption? What are the benefits of redemption? Why does the Confession say “slain from the foundation of the world”? What’s the … More Episode 8.6: The Virtue and Efficacy of Christ’s Redemption

Episode 8.5: Obedience and Suffering

Can you explain the terms “active” and “passive” obedience? Can you historically explain the question(s) about the active obedience of Christ? Give some specific examples of Christ’s obedience. Why does the WCF connect Christ’s suffering to the justice of his Father? What does the WCF mean with the phrase “through the eternal Spirit”? How does … More Episode 8.5: Obedience and Suffering

Episode 4.1: Creation

What are some different theories of creation? Why is understanding the creation account important for our understanding of redemption? How was each person of the Trinity involved in creation? Why is it important that God created out of nothing? What practicality does creation have in the Christian life? These are some of the questions we … More Episode 4.1: Creation