A Sneak Peak Behind the Scaffolding

We are grateful and humbled at the interest that has been expressed since we went public just over a week ago. It’s exciting to see people enthusiastic about this new podcast and our hope is to produce a show that is informative, applicable, and blends our personalities in a way that is enjoyable (if not outright humorous!).

We wanted to let you in on a few of the exciting developments that have happened in the last week–some behind the scenes and some very visible on our social media feeds (Facebook and Twitter).

We’re thankful for the talent and efforts of a few digital and non-digilogo_blue-01tal artists who have stepped in to give TJC some character. In particular, Jesse Sanchez from the Los Angeles RPCNA has put together our wonderful new logo. In case you’re curious our subtitle: “Credo Ut Intelligam” is Latin for: “I believe so that I may understand.” It’s an expression attributed to Anslem who, in turn, based it off of a statement from Augustine. Far from being an uncritical acceptance of anything, it is our con15775104_158386524647565_3678446694186179567_o-1viction that faith seeks understanding. We’re also thankful to Caleb Nadeau from First RP in Grand Rapids who contributed the hilariously accurate caricatures that will, no doubt, become a bit of a trademark for TJC. Also, most recently, Romesh Prakashpalan from the Dallas RP congregation has superimposed our caricatures into a picture of the Jerusalem Chamber. Thank you to those who have helped contribute! We highly recommend all of their creative talents.

We have also been working hard to provide TJC on as many platforms as possible. You can find this in our “Listen” tab above. We’re happy to announce that along with the audio that will be posted on our website, TJC will be easily accessible for Apple and Android users on ITunes, Stitcher Radio, Podbean, and Podcast Addict. Unfortunately, we have been informed that integration with GooglePlay is impossible at this time, but WordPress has promised us they will advance our ticket to developers who will pay careful attention to our request. Not to bite the hand that feeds us, but…yeah right!

Behind the scenes we’ve been coordinating some efforts with several publishers to hopefully offer an exciting giveaway just prior to our first episode. We’re tremendously thankful for the generosity of Crown & Covenant Publications and Crossway who have joined in so far (update: Banner of Truth is as well!). Be watching our social media and the website to learn how you’ll be able to enter for the giveaway! We’ve also been compiling–and will continue to do so–a list of valuable resources on the Westminster Confession of Faith and confessionalism. You’ll find that on the “Resources” tab above.

Finally, the group met yesterday to begin formatting our episodes. Beginning in mid-February you can expect a new episode of TJC every Monday. Each episode will cover a paragraph of the Westminster Confession in digestible chunks. That way you can listen if you’re driving, folding laundry, working out, doing dishes, or, well…really when you’re doing anything or nothing at all! At the end of each chapter we will do a listener Q&A to help clarify or fill in what’s lacking. We are also hoping to have some bonus episodes where we interview some of the leading experts in the Westminster Confession of Faith. So, stay tuned! The scaffolding will soon be down and everything ready.

Again, we’re so thankful for the excitement this has generated. So, thank you!

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