Special Episode: Interview With Dr. Michael Barrett


You had questions, we got answers! It seems that WCF 1.8 and the issues surrounding textual criticism piqued the interest of many of our listeners. In this episode we welcome Dr. Michael Barrett of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary as he shares his knowledge on this topic. Tune in for this special episode as Dr. Barrett answers question like: What is textual criticism? What are the primary textual families and what distinguishes them? How do you tell the difference between good and bad textual criticism? And more!

Check out the recommended resources…

The Revision Revised by John Burgon

Inspiration and Authority of the Bible by BB Warfield

“The History and Preservation of the Biblical Text” class Syllabus

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One thought on “Special Episode: Interview With Dr. Michael Barrett

  1. Well done brothers! What a great overview of the subject- succinct and accurate! Richard Muller’s Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics Volume 2: Holy Scripture (2nd edition) pp. 396-434 has a helpful overview of these issues (and others) in the era of Reformation and Orthodoxy- and it makes a great starting point for history and context. Keep up the good work brothers!


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