Chapter 4 Q&A


This special episode is a Q&A of all things related to chapter four. Thanks for those who sent in questions. Tune in as we discuss: What are some of the creation theories that are commonly accepted in Reformed circles? Are there good reasons to believe in a 6 day 24-hour creation? How would we respond to the best arguments against a 6/24 creation? Should Presbyterian churches redefine “in the space of six days”? What is the relationship between faith and science? What does the image of God have to do with social problems in our culture?

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Q&A

  1. The discussion point about the difference between WCF and Three Forms of Unity was particularly interesting to us. Our original Reformed membership was in the RCUS, but when we moved, we only had the PCA available. In our many years in the RCUS we never once heard another view besides the Six /24 hr Day. In the PCA, many we have met hold the other views 😉


    1. Thanks Judith for your comment. I did not consider the RCUS as I thought about the continental tradition (nothing against them, I was just thinking of the Dutch versions rather than the German variation. 🙂 You are correct, as far as I can tell–I believe that the RCUS required 24/6 day creation, although it’s not in their confessional standards. The PCA on the other hand….

      Thanks for tuning in!



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