Episode 7.2: The Covenant of Works


What is a covenant? What are the parts of a covenant? Where in Scripture would you go to understand the covenant of works? Why is it called a covenant of “works”? Was the covenant of works a gracious covenant? Do we have any idea how long Adam continued before breaking the covenant? How does the covenant of works relate to humanity today? Tune in as Nathan, Joel, Shawn, and Kyle discuss these questions and more from WCF 7.2:

The first covenant made with man was a covenant of works, wherein life was promised to Adam; and in him to his posterity, upon condition of perfect and personal obedience.

For More Resources on Today’s Topic Check These Out…

A Treatise on the Covenant of Grace by John Ball

The True Bounds of Christian Freedom by Samuel Bolton

A View of the Covenant of Grace by Thomas Boston

The Doctrine of the Covenant and Testament of God by Johannes Cocceius

The Law is Not of Faith ed by Bryan Estelle

Covenant Theology by Peter Golding

The Covenant of Grace by Matthew Henry

Introducing Covenant Theology by Michael Horton

Covenant of Grace by John Murray

The Great Mystery of the Covenant of Grace by Samuel Petto

Christ of the Covenants by O Palmer Robertson

The Covenant of Life Opened by Samuel Rutherford

A Discourse of the Two Covenants by William Strong

Christ and Covenant Theology by Cornelis Venema

The Covenant of Grace by JG Vos

The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man by Herman Witsius*

*Kyle’s favorite set!

One thought on “Episode 7.2: The Covenant of Works

  1. Good discussion brothers. A great introductory discussion that touches on some of the basic exegetical, theological, and practical issues relating tot he covenant of works. I would also highly recommend James Henley Thornwell’s treatment of the covenant of works in the first volume of his collected works.
    Thanks very much for all your hard work and faithfulness!


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