Episode 13.2: Extent and Degree of Sanctification


Could you define again for us what sanctification is? In what ways is our body sanctified? Can you explain what the “trichotomist” view is and why it’s wrong? Was John Murray correct with his doctrine of definitive sanctification (just kidding…we don’t discuss that)? What sins do Christians struggle with? What was the Keswick movement and how do we see echos of it still today? Why doesn’t God perfectly sanctify us in this life? Tune in as Nathan, Joel, Shawn, and Kyle discuss WCF 13.2:

This sanctification is throughout, in the whole man; yet imperfect in this life, there abiding still some remnants of corruption in every part; whence arises a continual and irreconcilable war, the flesh lusting against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh.

For More Resources on Today’s Topic Check Out…

The Holy War by John Bunyan

The Hole in Our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung

The Whole Christ by Sinclair Ferguson

A Treatise on Sanctification by James Fraser

The Enemy Within by Kris Lundgaard

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification by Walter Marshall

Temptation and Sin by John Owen

The Doctrine of Sanctification by AW Pink

Sanctification: Growing in Grace by Joseph Pipa

How Does Sanctification Work by David Powlison

Holiness by JC Ryle

One thought on “Episode 13.2: Extent and Degree of Sanctification

  1. I listen regularly to you guys actually I think you guys have the best podcast going on at this moment and time a bit like asking, hey what’s your favourite show on Netflix? Suits lol. What’s your favourite podcast? The Jerusalem chamber. What you planning after you complete the confession?.
    Anyhow my question to you guys is, what is it about John Murray’s positional sanctification you don’t agree with.


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