Episode 16.7: The Works of the Unregenerate


Where in Scripture do we fine unbelievers doing things God commands? Is it fair to call the works of unbelievers “good works”? What is missing from unbeliever’s works? What aspect of Roman Catholic theology does this paragraph address? Should we encourage unbelievers to do good things? Join Nathan, Joel, Shawn, and Kyle as they discuss WCF 16.7:

Works done by unregenerate men, although for the matter of them they may be things which God commands; and of good use both to themselves and others: yet, because they proceed not from an heart purified by faith; nor are done in a right manner, according to the Word; nor to a right end, the glory of God, they are therefore sinful and cannot please God, or make a man meet to receive grace from God: and yet, their neglect of them is more sinful and displeasing unto God.

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