Episode 18.3: Difficulties and Conflicts


What is meant here by the words “infallible assurance”? Will you discuss how some people distinguish between the Westminster’s understanding of assurance and the Three Forms of Unity? Do you think the difficulty and conflict of full assurance is true to the experience of a “normal” Christian? What are some of the difficulties and conflicts that keep us from full assurance? What are the “ordinary means”? What blessings accompany full assurance? Tune in as Nathan, Joel, Shawn, and Kyle discuss WCF 18.3:

This infallible assurance doth not so belong to the essence of faith, but that a true believer may wait long, and conflict with many difficulties before he be partaker of it: yet, being enabled by the Spirit to know the things which are freely given him of God, he may, without extraordinary revelation, in the right use of ordinary means, attain thereunto. And therefore it is the duty of everyone to give all diligence to make his calling and election sure; that thereby his heart may be enlarged in peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, in love and thankfulness to God, and in strength and cheerfulness in the duties of obedience, the proper fruits of this assurance: so far is it from inclining men to looseness.

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