Episode 21.6: Spirit and Truth


How did people approach God in worship during the different times of the Old Testament? Why were the Israelites to perform worship toward Jerusalem? Where does Jesus change the centrality of temple worship in the new covenant? What Old Testament passages does Jesus use to anticipate the change in worship? What is meant by family worship? How should someone do family worship? Is “secret” worship a biblical concept? Why should we not neglect public worship? What are the times of worship God calls us to by his Word or providence? Tune in as Nathan, Shawn, Joel, and Kyle discuss WCF 21.6:

Neither prayer, nor any other part of religious worship, is now, under the gospel, either tied unto, or made more acceptable by any place in which it is performed, or towards which it is directed: but God is to be worshipped everywhere in spirit and truth; as in private families daily, and in secret each one by himself, so more solemnly in the public assemblies, which are not carelessly or willfully to be neglected or forsaken, when God, by his Word or providence, calleth thereunto.

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