Episode 24.1: The Parties of Marriage


12341c62924bcb29f8a6429083124377305fWhy do you think the WCF doesn’t begin this chapter with a definition of marriage? Can you provide a definition of marriage? How do we know, from the Bible or nature, that marriage is to be between a man and a woman? How relevant is this in today’s culture? Why does the WCF emphasize “one” man and “one” woman? How do we deal with the polygamy that is present in the Bible? How should Christians respond to friends and/or family who are in a same-sex “marriage”? Tune in as Nathan, Shawn, Joel, and Kyle discuss WCF 24.1:

Marriage is to be between one man and one woman: neither is it lawful for any man to have more than one wife, nor for any woman to have more than one husband at the same time.

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