Chapter 7 Q&A

question-and-answer-images-clipart-panda-free-clipart-images-EodNcb-clipartThis special episode is a Q&A of all things related to chapter seven. Thanks for those who sent in questions. Tune in as we discuss questions like: why do some people reject a covenant of works? What were the “sacraments” of the covenant of works? Would Adam have inherited eternal life in heaven or a continuation of life on earth? What’s the difference between Reformed Covenant Theology and Particular Baptist Covenant Theology? Federal Vision Theology? New Covenant Theology? What is the Covenant of Redemption? And more!

(NOTE: Sorry for the audio…we were having some technical difficulties!).

2 thoughts on “Chapter 7 Q&A

  1. Thank you so much for your ministry. The Jerusalem Chamber is a daily companion and continues to be edifying. As a former Reformed Baptist pastor as of April, the part where you covered the differences between 1689 Federalism and WCF Covenant Theology was particularly edifying. Would you possibly be able to suggest any further resources concerning the covenant of grace or specifically on Galatians 3 and the covenant of grace? Thank you again for the time each of you put into this podcast. Your efforts are not in vain and this podcast has been a continual source of comfort and edification to me in this time of wilderness and searching.

    Praying blessings for you and yours!


    1. Andrew,
      Sorry for having not seen this sooner!
      As for a more general treatment of Galatians 3 I’d recommend sources like H. Witsius “Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man,” Anthony Burgess “Vindiciae Legis.” If I remember John Owen treats some of Galatians 3 in his defense of infant baptism in volume 10 or 12 of his Works. Additionally, it’s a pretty safe bet that almost any treatment of Covenant Theology will interact with Galatians 3 (e.g. John Ball, Thomas Boston, Samuel Bolton, Samuel Petto, William Bridge, etc). Particularly, you could read William Perkins’s commentary on Galatians which would be extremely helpful. Just some thoughts!

      In Jesus,


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