Episode 8.1: The Chosen Mediator


How do we know that sending Jesus wasn’t God’s emergency plan? Could the Father or Spirit have been the Mediator? How is Jesus a Prophet? Priest? King? What does it mean that he is Head of the church? How are the blessings of salvation connected to Jesus? Join Nathan, Shawn, Joel, and Kyle as we discuss these questions and more from WCF 8.1:

It pleased God, in His eternal purpose, to choose and ordain the Lord Jesus, His only begotten Son, to be the Mediator between God and man,the Prophet, Priest, and King, the Head and Savior of His Church, the Heir of all things,and Judge of the world: unto whom He did from all eternity give a people, to be His seed,and to be by Him in time redeemed, called, justified, sanctified, and glorified.

For More Resources on Today’s Topic Check These Out…

The Person of Christ by GC Berkouwer
Jesus the Son of God by DA Carson
The Word Enfleshed by Oliver Crisp
The Christology of John Owen by Richard Daniels
What is the Incarnation by William Evans
The Son of God and New Creation by Graeme Goldsworthy
Christ Set Forth and the Heart of Christ in Heaven  by Thomas Goodwin
The God Who Became Human by Cole Graham
The Christian’s Pocket Guide to Jesus Christ by Mark Jones
The Virgin Birth by J Gresham Machen
The Person of Christ by Donald MacLeod
The Glory of Christ by John Owen
The Person of Christ by John Owen
The Lord of Glory by BB Warfield
God the Son Incarnate by Stephen Wellum

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