Episode 14.2: Faith and the Bible


Can you remind our listeners what faith is? Why should we believe whatsoever the Bible says? What are some examples of the following biblical truths: gospel truths, hard truths, inconvenient truths, and lofty truths? What do you say to someone who has a hard time reconciling what the Bible says with humanity’s developing understanding of the sciences? Faith not only believes but “acts,” what are the actings of faith? Tune in as Nathan, Joel, Shawn, and Kyle discuss WCF 14.2:

By this faith, a Christian believes to be true whatsoever is revealed in the Word, for the authority of God himself speaking therein; and acts differently upon that which each particular passage thereof contains; yielding obedience to the commands, trembling at the threatenings, and embracing the promises of God for this life, and that which is to come. But the principal acts of saving faith are accepting, receiving, and resting upon Christ alone for justification, sanctification, and eternal life, by virtue of the covenant of grace.

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